Registration for workshops will be available to LOQG members a minimum of 90 days  prior to the program date. Registration is considered complete and a seat is held when  the participant pays the full registration fee. LOQG members will be able to register for  the entire time registration is open, but 30 days before the workshop, if any seats are  available they will be offered to non-members. If a workshop offers a supply list, it  can be found with the workshop description. 



Unless there is a need to cover instructor expenses that exceed the fee amount,  member fees are not to exceed $25 for half-day workshops and $50 for full-day  workshops. Required materials and patterns may be charged separately.  



Tuesday afternoon classes will be held from 1:30 - 4:30 p.m. Wednesday classes will  begin at 9:30 a.m. to approximately 4:00 p.m. We will plan on a 30 minute break for  lunch. If these times change, the starting and ending times will be posted with each  workshop. 



If seats for a workshop are still available after LOQG members have had at least 30  days prior to the workshop to register and pay the full fees, the workshop will be  advertised to other quilt guilds to fill all the seats. Non-LOQG members will pay an  increased fee of $10 more than the LOQG members pay for half-day workshops and  $20 more than members pay for a full-day workshop. 



There will be no refunds except for these four causes: 

  1.  The program is cancelled 
  2.  In emergency circumstances, as usually defined by U.S. airlines 
  3.  If a wait-listed person can fill the seat 
  4.  After all wait-listed people have the opportunity to fill the seat, then the non-attendee may find his/her replacement if: 
  • Everyone on the waitlist has been contacted, and 
  • After receiving permission from the Program chairperson to guarantee that all wait-listed people have been contacted.


Workshop Guidelines