The guild library is for the use of guild members only. The listing of books is on the LOQG website and in the library notebook. Books are listed by subject, title and author. The booklist on the library shelves is by subject, laminated and color coded to the labels on the books by category.

Members can get books from the library bookcase in the room near where Show and Tell pictures are taken. Books may be taken before the meeting and during the break. Please be considerate of photos being taken of Show and Tell quilts in the nearby hallway.

Please bring the books to the Library table in the back of the room for check out.

Check out Policy:

The first month is free. Renew for another month for free unless someone has requested the book.

Books may be checked out over the Christmas holidays or summer break for free and are due back at the next guild meeting.

Members will be notified by email or text one week before the guild meeting that the book is due back.

The library requests the borrower please wait for the librarian to be present before checking out or returning books to help keep track of the inventory.


Late Fees

$1 per month for 1st and 2nd month overdue.
$5 for 3rd month overdue.

Replace book if lost (in same condition as the book
borrowed). If book cannot be found for
replacement, a book of similar topic will be accepted.

Library Policies and Procedures