Back in 2002, a group of women headed by Joan Lucas, gathered frequently to sew, knit, quilt,  and craft together. They began to wonder if there was enough interest among local crafters to  form a quilt guild. Posters placed around the community, advertising, and word-of-mouth  among friends soon showed that it was time to formally create a guild, and by May of 2003  there were 32 women who officially formed the Lake Oconee Quilt Guild. 


Because there was no initial funding to hire professional speakers, board members took turns  teaching a program at each meeting focusing on a particular basic technique. Occasionally a  quilt shop owner would present a program at no charge in exchange for selling their fabrics at  discount prices. As the guild grew, they were always looking for ideas and would often visit other guilds which resulted in adding features like the raffle table, library, and Bee groups. 


By 2007, the Raffle Quilt was introduced as a fundraiser, and the following year brought the  guild's first annual Challenge quilt. Each meeting saw beautiful quilts displayed by members  during Show & Tell time. Then, in 2008, the guild's first quilt show was held and the community  was invited to view the many quilts on display. 


The 2008-2009 year was packed with quilting activity among it's 81 members. Charity quilts  were made for Circle of Love as well as Project Linus, and 130 quilts were donated to Alliance  for Smiles. The first "aMAYzing Auction" was held in May 2009 that began a semi-annual guild  event from which proceeds went toward providing future programs. 


Since those early days the Lake Oconee Quilt Guild has thrived with talented quilters who have  been willing to share their knowledge and skill with not only each other, but also with the  community. We are proud to have among our membership national award-winning quilters and  professional quilt instructors. Today the guild has 100 members and continues to meet the first  Tuesday of each month, September through June. 


Past Presidents:

2003-04         Joan Lucas
2004-05         Joan Lucas
2005-06         Sharry Locke
2006-07         Carolyn Wren
2007-08         Joan Lucas
2008-09         Joan Lucas
2009-10         Gloria Chandler
2010-11         Kay Dejno
2011-12         Kay Spors
2012-13         Connie Lord
2013-14         Becky Kercado
2014-15         Mary Ellen Shannon
2015-16         Mary Ellen Shannon
2016-17         Carolyn Wren
2017-18         Carolyn Wren
2018-19         Shari Ball
2019-20         Kaye Hlavaty
2020-21         Cookie Noel
2021-22         Paula Tanner
2022-23         Jeanne Sewell