LOQG Quilt Retreat - 

Kay Denjo's Fond Memories of Retreat:
Dear Fellow Quilters,
As I sit here at home, missing all of you, I thought I would write my fondest memories of our retreat on March 10-13. Little did we know that it would be out last outing until at least the end of April.
I thank God every day that I have this wonderful hobby of quilting to keep me busy and my mind off other things. It’s hard to believe that the whole world is shut down due to this virus!
The retreat was wonderful and I think back to all the friends and good times we had there. The retreat gifts were well received as everyone there got a sewing tray with a built in pincushion to keep near their sewing machine to hold all of our “Stuff”. These were made of the divided pickle dishes many of you donated. Kay Spors and Sally McKinley helped me fashion all of those. (See Photo on right)
 Sally did a lot of shopping for door prizes which were given out at different times as we sewed each day. The “snack” table was overwhelming with goodies that everyone brought to share, which gave us energy as we sewed and sewed.

Sally McKinley's Recollections:
Retreat was SO much fun!!! Everyone was working on so many different projects. I had to just stop periodically and check out what everyone was doing. We had many squares for QOV done. Wednesday night was Game Night and from all the laughing, a good time was had by everyone who participated. There was even some money involved (wink, wink). A huge thanks to Kay Dejno and Kay Sport for the really creative pickle dishes which everyone received; not only were they beautiful, but very practical. Door prizes were also given out to all Attendees. I think, overall, our Retreat was a huge success and everyone had a really great time. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Barbara Taylor, who had to leave early due to family illness. If anyone had a problem, please let me know so we can do better for our next Retreat. Also, any suggestions on improvements for our next Retreat would be greatly appreciated. Thank’s to everyone for making our Retreat a big success!

Thank you from Jenni Black
I would like to thank Kay and Sally, with all my heart, for all their hard work on and success with the Retreat.   It was so great being with you all and just sewing for a couple of days.  The inspiration and joy I received by being with a wonderful group of ladies is cherished.  The warm and fuzzy feelings I had when I returned home cannot be extinguished by these troubled times.  
Thank you again, Kay and Sally.  The only changes I would make for future Retreat Leaders; you don't have to do so much for us!  We are just happy to be on a Retreat.   
I hope both of you, Kay and Sally, are recovering from the Retreat and your different medical problems, which I wish I had known about sooner! Take care of yourselves.  You, and all who helped you, are special people!  


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